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I’m Marina Swanson: 

a promising and creative individual, capable of capturing the significant moments life has in store for each of us.


From the years I’ve spent working in the practice of photojournalism (communicating news via photographs), I have developed an unmatched love for eternalizing the dynamic and vivacious spirit in every unique facet of life.

Whether I am needed to capture a momentous turning point in someone’s life, a memory that is wished to be cherished forever, or a grandiose venture brought to fruition—-you can count on me.


The best part of my job is that moment when you smile at the result, knowing you were in good hands and your vision was captured. Each photograph starts with your one-of-a-kind vision, and the assurance that each shot will receive my unwavering attention and care.

I revel in the idea that I am able share my view of the world with others—and in that same instant, allow my subjects to share their view of the world with me. My most memorable shoots always deal with one important detail: the power of reality and the strength it gives.


The hard clack of Salsa dancer’s heel on a wooden stage forever frozen in time. The thundering applause of an audience standing up for a cure immortalized. The illuminating laughter that comes from a young child eating ice cream on a hot day engrained in a single exposure. These snippets of time are eternalized through one act—the shutter of my camera.


All these moments, I have loved. This love has lead me here, hoping to share the passion I feel for my work with each of my clients. And all the moments I look forward to capturing, like a special treasure, is what keep my vision and goals clear and focussed.


My mission is to capture the moment, so you can keep it forever.











I'd love to hear from you

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