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Personality & ABC’s — The McMillan’s Easter


I learned two important photography lessons this Easter. The first: it's always my best bet to let my client’s personalities ring true in their photo-shoots. The second: picture-perfect moments will ensue given a little time, patience, and the alphabet song.

The McMillan family was a pleasure to photograph for this year’s Easter celebration in the private setting of a lush backyard in the Alamo Hills.

“Where should we stand?” asked the mother. I pointed to an area just under a large oak tree along a path leading into what seemed to be a forever landscape of springtime.

The four stood there, looking to me for a cue.

I instructed them to pick up their children and hold them—the rest of the scenario seemed to unfold beautifully after that.

Cue my first photography lesson of the day: let my clients relax, enjoy the experience, and be themselves--their personalities will shine through in the exposures.

The couple picked up their two young children, and almost like clockwork the older son started giggling with a cheesy grin on his face. Perfect. The strong glow from the sun touching their backs and highlighting the surrounding plants gave a perfect scene of the four faces all together, smiles around.

My clients put both children down while still holding their small hands and walked them forward—all the while I was taking shots of the little ones being guided by their parents.

On the deck, we had a few more serious shots, but the mother and father knew what would get their kids smiling: hanging them upside down and putting them on each other’s shoulders. Once again, perfect. I grabbed a few more shots and then it was on to an Easter egg hunt in the garden.

From there, I followed my two little subjects with care, not wanting to get in the way of them searching for the Easter Bunny’s important presents meant for their baskets.

The little boy snuck under a small tree near the garden, waiting for the hunt to begin. I spotted him, took a quick photo, and instructed the family to gather in the excellent spot the boy discovered.

Cue my second photography lesson of the day: be patient and don't be afraid to get a little silly between shutters.

The children didn’t want to seem to focus on the camera, one was absorbed in the Easter egg festivities, and the young girl had her eyes on grandma. Worried I wouldn’t get my shot--I tried a trick the mother had let me in on...

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G….” I sang, and the young girl looked up with a cheerful smile and I was able to snap another charming family shot. Perfect--and just a few more photographs before finishing up the shoot.

I was delighted; I had just turned out a variety of precious moments and captured them for the family to keep safe in a photo album, or frame and line their walls with at home.

I was so happy to share this Easter with the McMillan family, and can’t wait to deliver the final product: a flash drive filled with the special memories the four made together on this warm Sunday.

For more information on how to set up your very own family photoshoot, visit my contact page to send me a message straight from the website.

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