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Five Reasons I Love Photography


As I begin the first leg of my photography career, I thought it is of importance to share with you the reason I invest so much time and energy into my practice. I flat out love photography. Everything about it. Even the time I spend researching new tips and tricks, reading how-to books, and editing for hours in my office. I could go on and on, and probably even bore you to death with all the elements I enjoy about doing what I do.

But instead, how about we keep it short and sweet with a nifty little list of the five reasons I love photography?

Here they are:

1. It connects individuals with others

I’m a huge lover of connecting people through means of communication. I focus my work on human beings–who they are and what they love. When I’m photographing, whether it’s with a couple sharing a special moment or an event with thousands of people, I’m there to serve as a way for others to reflect on a memory or share an experience with another individual.

2. It’s artistic reality

It allows me to focus on the moment, compose my thoughts, and look to the world around me to draw inspiration through my lens. I grew up in an artistic family, and while painting is something I do enjoy… in my opinion there’s nothing like the beauty reality has in store for us.

A quote from Wynn Bullock, a master photographer, sums it up nicely:

“I love the medium of photography, for with its unique realism, it gives me the power to go beyond conventional ways of seeing and understanding and say – This is real, too.”

3. A closer look at the details

Life often rushes by with larger ideas forever on the brain. Often times in all the commotion, stopping to look at the important details of a thoughtfully placed table setting for a holiday dinner, or the intensity in someone’s eyes as they look to their loved ones, gets lost in the flurry of life. I take my time to pay attention to details we might miss if not reminded, and hope that each unique characteristic can inspire the minds that look into a photograph, no matter how minute.

4. Capturing time

With photography, I am able to take a snapshot in time, forever freezing that moment to be cherished for decades to come. When I photograph a family, I think to myself, “What would be the most memorable photo for their grandchildren to see years in the future?” And likewise, when I photograph an artist on stage, I savor that passion through my lens and eternalize their moment. It’s kind of like time travel–but without ripping the space-time continuum.

5. A learning experience

Every time I pick up my camera and start shooting, I learn something. I am continually learning valuable lessons that I will be able to add my to my artillery of photography knowledge. I’ve learned to be extra careful with a bride’s wedding ring, even sometimes having to go as far as giving my ‘scouts honor’ to bring it back safely after photographing. I’ve learned that a moving subject is best captured on AI-Servo mode. I’ve learned that no matter how many pictures I take, I can keep improving. And that is so, so, so exciting for me.

Have something you love about photography? Please share it with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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